Out In The Yard Again…For Now 🙂

Out In The Yard Again…For Now 🙂

We’ve been itching to go running in the yard again. Nini always mentions it while we’re on the treadmill. But with the freezing weather and ice and snow, it wasn’t really practical. But the snow and ice has melted (for now) and I did a quick sweep up of debris. AND it got up to 50 in Boston which is practically summer! 😆 Michael Jr. and Nini wanted to run. Mika is still recovering from another cold virus so stayed in. 5 minutes in, Michael Sr. joined us. I jumped to week 4 of the C25k app and Michael Jr. did great with this first 3 and 5 minute run intervals! We all had fun and the Fitbit measured 1.56 miles right in our little yard. If it weren’t for the sweet potatoes still in the oven and the beans in the pressure cooker ready for the stew I’d join Michael Sr. for another run (he went back out 🙂 ). But that’s okay because household duties is a vocation too and we have to live a balanced life. Running outside again was great!




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