My name is Nalida Lacet Besson. I am a wife, mother of three, and special education teacher. My immediate family members also have disabilities. Going from a junk food vegetarian diet (full of sugar, oil, and salt–SOS) to whole food plant based, nutrient-rich diet (SOS-free), helped me to lose over 100 pounds and go from a size 24 to size 6, by God’s grace. I could only have done this through the Lord’s grace and help in making the necessary changes to stop abusing the body He gave me with food-like substances and lack of movement. My first epiphany came in July 2013 when I had massive chronic pain everywhere and looked at my youngest child and did not want to die this way and leave my children because of my poor choices. I begged God to help me heal the body that He’d given me but that I hadn’t cared for. After praying that desperate prayer, I looked over and saw the Eat To Live book by Dr. Joel Fuhrman that had been sitting on my nightstand for years, just skimmed but not read. I changed that and read it. Therein began my journey.