Upcoming Weight Loss Bible Study with my PBGG page and FREE App and Podcast by Taste for Truth!

Upcoming Weight Loss Bible Study with my PBGG page and FREE App and Podcast by Taste for Truth!

App: I Deserve a Donut by Barb Raveling https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/i-deserve-a-donut/id529567174?mt=8

Taste for Truth Christian Weight Loss Encouragement Podcast by Barb Raveling


Also, see her website at http://www.barbraveling.com.

AND, if you want to participate with me in a Christian Health and Weight Loss Bible Study with Plant Based God’s Grace beginning the end of next week (Friday after Thanksgiving) then just comment “me” then be on the lookout for the Post announcement and information on the books/texts/apps we will use. In the meantime, feel free to download the free app “I Deserve A Donut” based on the book “I Deserve A Donut and Other Lies…” and begin to use the great techniques to start helping us honor our bodies as the Temple of the Holy Spirit and to no longer use food (even healthful whole plant foods) as idols and reasons for emotional eating.

The Power Of Habit

The Power Of Habit

I’ve been reading The Power Of Habit (on Audible) by Charles Duhigg as I’m traveling between schools for my job and sometimes while walking and running. Today I listened while doing a slow walk steep incline on the treadmill.

The lessons in this book go FAR beyond how to create habits to lose weight and sustain weight loss. It has implications for every area of life including schools, businesses, hospitals, etc. I’m struck by account after account of how EGO gets in the way of success and preventing errors and problems, how people thinking others have to “stay in their place” impedes collaboration and progress. Definitely worth the read.

Excuses Get Us Nowhere Fast

“I can’t afford vegetables.”

“Fruit is too expensive.”

“I can’t afford a plant based cookbook.”

“I can’t afford one of those how-to-go-plant-based guides/books that cost .99 cents to $20.”

[But I can spend way more than $20 on junk food DAILY or WEEKLY.]

Until we stop lying to ourselves and stop the excuses, we will get nowhere fast. It isn’t impossible and just because it can be challenging at times does not mean it isn’t doable. Anything with great results such as adopting a whole food plant based diet and lifestyle is WORTH it.

I did this exercise once, writing down a sample day as a junk food vegetarian when I used to make all these pathetic excuses. Then I thought about the money I had spent on those days I did those takeouts! It costed me WAY MORE MONEY 💵 than investing in myself and in Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat To Live book years ago.

Looking at how many typical calories I consumed as (vegetarian) junk food addict with all these fake food-like substances and junk food that just acted like a numbing drug to get me through each day:

Cap’N crunch (108 for 3/4 cups*4)=432

2 cups soy milk=262

10 Oreos (45×10)=450

2 bags Fritos (200×2)=400

1 Dunkins cinnamon roll: 510

2 chocolate glazed donut: 280×2=560

2 slices of cheese pizza 285×2=570

2 cups apple juice 113*2=226

Vegetable fried rice: (333 calories per cup x4 cups)=2182


Total 5,592 calories

P.S. You don’t need a cookbook and there are tons of free resources on the internet and YouTube if you are willing to stop the short cuts and invest in yourself.

The Play Brigade 5K

My husband and I did this great inclusive 5K for people of all abilities. Michael placed third in his category of visually impaired males and I’m so proud of him! A year and a half ago he was obese (44 inch waist from a high of 54 inches to now 34 inches!) and on high blood pressure medication. Now he is much slimmer, on no meds, and thriving.

I also met my running goals today:I ran at a slow pace to prevent re-injuries from the summer AND ran the entire time.

Thanks to Jason Cohen of Big Change The Film for being there to support and encourage us!


His grace is sufficient

His grace is sufficient.

My 36-minute straight slower/faster interval run was fueled by the SecsPro metronomed workout app I’d pre-programmed last night and this book I’d also downloaded last night—“Running Like a Girl” To channel my younger self WAY back who loved to run before weight crept up in upper elementary school and I didn’t want to move anymore. I knew I was challenging myself but afterwards I was glad that I had.

I’m going to keep it real. My life is not glamorous days. I got up extra early for work because my husband and I have three children. They have special needs and require more assistance getting ready in the morning. My husband started getting breakfast ready for the Kids and getting them up to get ready for school. I went outside to run. Michael will run after getting everyone on the school bus.

After the run 🏃🏿‍♀️I grabbed the box of urinalysis strips to quickly test one of my kids who has a kidney disorder (thankfully the results were negative this morning) and will shower while she eats so that I can give her a smaller measured dose of medication because the tapered dose is getting too small to pre-measure and leave for my husband to pour out and still keep the same dose for her (he is blind so I measure the dosages). Then I’m off to work with the food I prepped last night that I’ll quickly put in my breakfast-lunch bag.

I’m saying all this to say that I had it in my to do this always by God’s grace, even though it’s not easy, but I didn’t. I say all this to say, it’s not impossible even when things get crazier. It’s been over five years since this lifestyle change and it is a good habit now. God’s grace is sufficient and by his grace I’m going to continue to do my best to properly care for this body, this temple of the Holy Spirit.




My Husband Michael’s Progress

This afternoon Michael leaned against the back hallway doorway talking to me and I marveled at how SLIM he is now! More than that was how healthy he is. He had just taken his blood pressure with our automatic monitor and it was great. He’s been off the blood pressure medication for over a year now. He doesn’t dwell on “giving up” foods/food-like substances that harmed his body. He is happy and thriving on nutrient-rich, whole plant foods and is able to run with increasing speed and endurance. I’m so proud of Michael for his commitment to health for himself and his family!😍❤️




Keeping It Moving

Keeping It Moving!

First, Nini got her groove back. She got up, got dressed, and announced she was going to start running again. I went downstairs to check on her and heard her giggling while jogging.

Michael went to run practice with a great group of sighted guides from Achilles International Boston.

After starting a large pot of Bean stew and turning off the stove, I headed out to the yard and ran 40 minutes straight, slow and steady. I used metronome music and beats to help with my breath, cadence and steady pace increase like Michael suggested. It was awesome!

Michael came back from running practice when I was about 30 minutes in and encouraged me the rest of the way. Since I didn’t run all summer because of an injury, I’ve been a little nervous for next Saturday’s 5K downtown but Michael helped me in coming up with a plan to boost my performance by then.