Embracing my journey…

Wearing my new t-shirt (“dedicated strong devoted mother & runner”) 🏃🏾‍♀️the way I never would have worn my shirts—tucked in. I’m embracing where I am on my journey while I continue to nourish myself and my family with nutrient-rich whole plant foods and move (walk, run, lift, kick-box….). I’m just so grateful to be on this life’s journey!

A blessed Mother’s Day to all mothers and those who mother!


How to get at least 6 servings of vegetables and fruits in ONE meal

How to get at least 6 servings of vegetables and fruits in ONE meal.

Many of us who are whole food plant based/plant-rich eat more than 6 servings of fiber and nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables per day. And to get the disease-fighting benefits of fruits and vegetables, we need more than 6 per day. This chart shows just how easy it is to get 6 servings in ONE meal. For example, 12 raw baby carrots, 1 bell pepper sliced, and 2 big plums is 6 servings. One bag 16 oz frozen cauliflower or broccoli cooked is about 5 servings (and it shrinks when cooked) plus 1 small orange is 6 servings.

Last night, my dinner was over 12 servings—5 cups Spring mix salad chopped, 1 bag (5 servings) frozen vegetable stir fry from Whole Foods dry sautéed, 2 servings of baby carrots with a spoon of Engine 2 roasted red pepper hummus, a cup of bean-veggie stew, 1/2 T chopped pecans, and 1/2 cup of frozen cherries.

It’s doable, especially when you look at the servings of this chart! 👍🏼


An Ordinary Day is an Extraordinary Day

I always say that there are enough challenges in life and that I’ll just take an ordinary day. And an ordinary day is a blessing and thus becomes an extraordinary day!

After our morning routines of care and then doing day 5 of a plank challenge, my younger daughter Nini and I went to meet up with the new neighborhood women’s walking group we joined. My sister Yonette joined us today which made it extra special and I also got to walk and chat with and get to know better some extraordinary women in the neighborhood.

Afterwards, we walked back home where I started two pounds of beans in the pressure cooker before the family walked to our new neighborhood juice cafe nearby.

Because of a busy weekend which includes church of course and adapted swimming lessons for my kids (yay!) for the next month and a half, I made today bulk soup/stew making day and used the beans to add to the stew in the 5 gallon soup pot. I kept to the simple but yummy recipe in my book (http://thebp.site/118491 ). Now I have lunches and a breakfast of dinner of soups for next week and my husband and kids have some for a few meals too. Oh, and I also tested my new pressure cooker! (One of my IP pressure cookers gave out after two years because of a faulty pressure sensor and the Instant Pot company sent me a brand new one!)

In all these activities, per my Fitbit, I exceeded 10,000 steps. It’s no extraordinary athletic feat but I’m just grateful to have the strength and stamina to DO all these ordinary things. You don’t have to be a super athlete. It’s fine and a blessing to be an active wife and mom keeping prayer to nourish the soul, plants to nourish the body, and movement to heal the body and mind.




Running In The Rain

Running In The Rain

So, my running 🏃🏽‍♀️ buddy Nini LOVES the rain and loves running in the rain. I do not. 🙂 But this morning she decided to forgo the running so I went solo. I was not too happy to see that it had started to rain earlier than predicted but remembered that I had bought these emergency rain covers so I donned one of them and headed out in the yard. The jacket was long enough to protect but not too long to cause tripping while running. And it didn’t make me overly warm either. Plus I Love purple ☔️💜 so that made me happy too (it’s the little things). I didn’t regret the 30 minutes out there in the rain. I missed glancing back and seeing Nini’s smile and hearing her giggles while running but I felt great running my own pace and in various patterns of eight around the yard. Tomorrow will be day two this week of strength training maybe with a quick kick boxing workout video in there before a busy day. Feels good getting back to a more consistent exercise schedule this week. I’m up earlier now to readjust and make it happen, by God’s Grace.



I Got Smaller But The Problems in Life Didn’t Shrink.

I Got Smaller But The Problems in Life Didn’t Shrink.

In fact, sometimes, they get bigger. All parents will understand but parents of children with special needs will especially get this. There are times when life is overwhelming. Just when you get into a routine and feel somewhat balanced, you get a sickness, a new diagnosis, a new condition to manage along with everything else. I’m going to be real. This is a tough time for me and my family. But I keep praying through it. And I’m grateful that while a WFPB lifestyle didn’t solve all my problems in life, having built these habits have helped tremendously in continuing to eat the same and to move. Even when I miss some workouts, I don’t stress because I keep the constant factor of our nutrient-rich WFPB diet going, by God’s grace. This morning after losing a few hours of sleep and adapting to our new morning routine of additional care for my oldest, I did a run-walk with my younger daughter. Nini said she was happy to be out running in the yard again and when she said that I felt glad that I didn’t cancel the run because of feeling too tired and stressed. Sometimes resting more helps. Sometimes pushing forward helps more and is invigorating. Whatever you’re going through, hang on and don’t resort to bad habits like eating junk and not exercising to try to numb the pain. That was my old method and it never worked. It only made things worse. The newer habits actually help SO much more in coping with stress, believe me.




Neighborhood running and walking

Nini and I joined a walking group in our neighborhood thanks to one of our neighbors who helps organize it. Daughters of the Dust, Girl Trek team welcomed us graciously and we had a great time this morning! Nini and I went to the meet up park a half hour earlier to get a good run in first (see short video on the page). We ended up at a very nice school outside track and walked around the football field a few times. Nini and I did a full run around it too. We felt great afterwards! Looking forward to more walks and runs beyond our backyard!