Spiritual Breakthrough for Food Addiction

Spiritual Breakthrough for Food Addiction

Last night I watched the story of Paul Mason who at one point was dubbed “Britain’s fattest man.” My heart went out to him. He weighed well over 700 pounds and was housebound as well as bedridden. He lost his family home, family, friends, and his dignity but still couldn’t stop binging and eating junk foods. He looked at past pictures when he was at a regular weight and cried about how he should have reached out for help when stress, anxiety, and sadness were leading him down this path. But he didn’t until it was almost too late, cost him years of living his best life, and almost cost him his life completely. There by the grace of God go I and you.

Many of us know WHAT to eat, WHEN we should eat (Not constant snacking even if healthy and on our food plan/way of eating, but regular meals instead), and WHY we should eat (nourishment and hunger), but still struggle. You can be thin (it’s not all about weight) and still be addicted to some sort of “comfort” food, even if it’s potatoes or bananas. Yes, that’s healthier then the highly processed foods being advertised as comfort food but especially when we find that we still can’t reach our health, wellness, and/or weight loss goals or even if we do reach them and Still thinking of food too much and letting it become an idol, it’s time to humble ourselves, go to God in prayer, seek counseling for trauma and even daily anxieties, reach out to someone for support Before reaching for food for comfort (thanks to technology there are support groups online and messenger systems to find a few friends when needed to talk to), and stay the course or recommit when we need too. I love Dr. Rhona Epstein’s books, especially Food Triggers, because she addresses the spiritual aspects and breakthroughs from food addiction that can finally set us free. We are worth it. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. They deserve better. See Dr. Rhona’s book as well as this short video for a summary.



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