Nalida's Journey to Health and Fitness losing over 100 pounds


Dear friends and family,
Many people have asked me to write about my health journey and share how to be successful losing weight and keeping it off AND becoming fit and healthy.

You’ve encouraged me to write a book. I don’t have time for a full-size book yet but I spent a lot of time and thought on this 50-page booklet and Quick-Start guide. It’s not all recipes because this journey is more than recipes (it starts with mindset and beyond), but includes 12 recipes (including my Lentil Loaf, two creamy dressings/sauces that will encourage you to eat your salads, and sugar-oil-salt free occasional desserts) plus a bonus one–my easy Kale Chips. One of my sisters recently went plant-based (Yay!!) and said that as long as she has those dressings/sauces that are so easy to make, she will eat a large salad at least once per day.

There’s a section on the ABCs of Weight Loss;The Whys, Whats, and Hows of a Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle; Tips; Must Have Kitchen Staples to make it easier to live this lifestyle, especially with a family; and Resources. Please follow the link below and share.

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