Gratitude for day-to-day abstinence

As my workout shirt says “Pray Train Conquer Repeat.” I have to start with prayer because I can only do it through God’s grace. I did my daily normal strength training and aerobics but added a more intense step aerobics by going old school with the Reebok Step video I found on YouTube! That was WORK! But I loved it! It’s a journey one day at a time. And I’m grateful for God’s love and mercy no matter how many times I’ve fallen to help me rise up and keep going on this journey. And I’m grateful for the day-to-day and minute-by-minute God-given gift of abstinence from trigger foods where we don’t have to feel overwhelmed about whether or not we’ll fail tomorrow but instead pray, plan to succeed in the moment, and accept God’s gift.


Me in my small home gym before my workout Saturday
Reebok Steps video
Me about 9 years ago

2 thoughts on “Gratitude for day-to-day abstinence

  1. I just read about your weight loss journey on the ‘Eat plant based blog’. What an amazing person you are! Thank you for sharing your story!


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