Small Changes, Small Results. Big Changes, Big Results

See my interview here on my health and weight loss journey with Elisha Lee from Eat To Live Daily and Eat To Live Support Group and get a peep into my husband Michael Besson’s journey too! I include 3 tips for success.


“Small change, small results. Big change, big results.” That’s Nalida’s takeaway when it comes to living a nutritarian lifestyle. Don’t miss our chat with this Eat to Live ALLSTAR as she tells us her THREE TOP TIPS for making Eat to Live really work:

Transformation from Teen to Adulthood

Today I found these pictures of me from 1988. I was just a kid really (still a teen) but had already been obese for several years by then and would remain so for decades until I made a big change in 2013. Now, 30 years later, and well over 120 pounds lighter, I feel better than I’ve EVER felt. I’m so grateful for this awesome journey. Praise God!



Great to run again!

Nini and I got up extra early and went back in the yard today for a run/walk. Then I did some weight lifting/strength training indoors. While outside, Nini said wasn’t it great to be running again! She was so happy. It helped our mood and we are planning for more consistent workouts like this.


Is Food Addiction Getting in the way of The Lord’s work for you?

Part of last year’s reading but always relevant and great for us to revisit. Let’s not let unhealthy eating habits and other addictions stand in the way of the work and ministries the Lord has set before us.

“ARE WE “DIGGING our own graves with forks and knives,” as a leading doctor claims?1 A new study “reveals that obesity is linked to very high rates of chronic illnesses— higher than living in poverty, and much higher than smoking or drinking.”2 Have we adequately considered the health risks of obesity, not to mention the spiritual side of obesity?”

“I do not want to lay a guilt trip on anyone, and if you are overweight or aware that your diet is unhealthy, you probably feel bad enough already. So the last thing I want to do is make you feel even worse. Instead, I want to talk with you heart-to-heart, encouraging you to consider whether there might be a serious spiritual dimension to unhealthy eating.”

“Do you have food addictions? If so, what are they? Confess them to the Lord as sinful and destructive.”

Excerpts From

Breaking the Stronghold of Food

Michael L. Brown

This material may be protected by copyright. Dr. Joel Fuhrman is doctor referred to.

Healthy Neighborhood Block Party

Getting ready for the Let’s Get Moving Healthy Neighborhood Block Party starting at 12:30 today! Looking forward to sharing two of my healthy Sugar-Oil-Salt free whole food plant based recipes—my Sweet Potato Pie Pudding recipe featured in my book as well as my creamy Sunflower Sour Cream Dip/Dressing (not in book)AND doing a cooking demo for them. If you don’t have the book but want the recipes and live in my community, come on over to Elmhurst Park from 12:30 to 3:30 today! I will try to go live with the cooking demos for the recipes from the Plant Based, God’s Grace FB page.

Bonus: I’m going to offer a free copy (or two) of my book for participants who visit my table. Will have samples from the cooking demos, free recipes, and “PBGG Tips and Resources For Health, & Eating For Sustained Weight Loss and Maintenance.”

There will be many other participants as well offering information and free services and resources.

But first I’m going to do my full body strength training workout!



Nini and I met up with our Daughters of the Dust GirlTrek walking group today. Nini is ALWAYS happy about going and has been asking since last night if we’re going to walk. She got up extra early on her own and was already dressed to go before I was even up! She had her oatmeal with fruit and waited for me to get ready.

When our walk leader texted the group and I told them Nini was already dressed and ready, we all got motivated to get going. So Nini got the Warrior Poster of Harriet Tubman for inspiring us today and she was so proud of that! Harriet Tubman walked countless miles freeing enslaved black people and we all want to be warriors like she was.