Eat As Though Your Life Depends On It—It Does.

The first picture was in August 2013. I had started my health journey a month before and had already lost 10 pounds. I was a size 24 women’s and my husband 44 inch pants men’s (down from size 54 years before). Michael still had not committed to making a big change and still had high blood pressure. When I think of how high it used to be, I thank God for his mercy. In May 2017, almost four years after I started, my husband committed to a 100% whole food plant based Nutritarian lifestyle. He was off medication by August 23, 2017 (I remember the date because it’s one of my brother’s birthday). The second picture was the eve before the 2019 Boston Marathon, April 14, 2019. Here was Michael, free from high blood pressure, a size 34 waist and wearing a size medium race singlet that showed his muscular 💪🏼 arms, standing next to me (size 6 and wearing size small women’s sweatshirt and sweatpants). I can’t tell you how grateful I was and am to God for that moment. And the third picture on the right shows Michael the day after finishing the Marathon with his Boston Marathon shirt.

And we haven’t “arrived.” This is still a journey and we are still working and moving in it, by God’s grace. Thing is, we had to take the first step. So many people pray for good health and weight loss and we Should pray! BUT, we must also work at treating our body as the temple of the Holy Spirit that it is. Stop waiting. Start today. Just start adding more fruits and vegetables and start cutting out the sugar, salt, and oils (but add some healthy whole fats like a little bit of walnuts and ground flaxseeds). Many of us are food addicts because of overexposure to processed and junk foods but it isn’t impossible to let them go and as much as we resist hearing it because of those addictions, abstinence from the junk is the only way to freedom from poor health and obesity.

Eat as though your life depended on it because it does.


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