Fear Is Not Enough

“Fear is not sustainable. Joy and pleasure are.”

Dr. Dean Ornish

“Don’t say I can’t. Don’t say I’ll try. Say I’ll do! Then do it.”

Nalida Lacet Besson

Fear was the catalyst to start my journey. Fear because of the massive pain I was feeling in my entire body in July 2013. Fear of dying prematurely and not being around for my children. Fear for their future because of my unhealthy choices.

But as Dr. Ornish says, fear is not sustainable. That is why a lot of people vow to change after going through an illness, after watching a loved one go through an illness, after watching a loved one die, after getting a diagnosis, after having an epiphany and realizing that if they don’t make a change, obesity and it’s related illnesses WILL eventually take their lives prematurely. But how much and for how long will that fear cause real change? Oftentimes we revert back to old habits.

There’s nothing more special about me than anyone else. In a moment of great pain and desperation I looked at my young son’s face (he was 6 at the time) and realized I didn’t want to leave him and my daughters and for them to be without a mother because of my poor choices. I begged God to help me heal my body that I had abused with food and lack of fitness. At that same moment, I turned and saw Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat To Live book which had been sitting on my nightstand.

That was my answered prayer. So to go back to my old life of food addictive destructive behavior would be throwing back this gift of health, wellness, and joy back in the Lord’s face and I can never do that. After the fear came the joy and pleasure of wellness, health, community, gratitude, and love. Yes, I still have all the many life challenges I had. But I’m enjoying life with my family so much more. I can move. I can run. I FEEL so strong and healthy. And my mind is more at peace. Sure, we’re all going to die one day. But why should we be the ones causing our own demises?

I’m not using my old excuses of “trying” but not following through. As Dr. Fuhrman says in his books, trying is not enough. Trying is not a commitment. He gives an example of marriage vows. You don’t say I’ll try. You VOW to keep you’re promises.

I had a kindergarten teacher named Mr. Juste who used to say to us, “Don’t say I can’t. Say I’ll try.” That was good advice for a kindergartener. As an adult, I needed to step it up because “trying” wasn’t enough. Actually DOING is what gets results. And the joy and pleasure Dr. Ornish talks about, along with faith, sustains the journey.


2 thoughts on “Fear Is Not Enough

  1. Speak ! Love your truth , am so inspired by your true , real actions ! Yea & Amen, sister !
    Moving forward …
    …a participant in life, no longer only a spectator !
    Life & blessings to you!


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