Run is Done…For Today and now my son says he may be joining the Run bunch….

Mika did the indoor treadmill run while Nini and I took to the yard as usual. We did 5-minute run intervals. We had on hats and mittens in this 30 degree weather. Nini said it was quiet except for the cars. The quiet felt good, and calming.

In other Plant Based God’s Grace news, two days ago at dinner my son said he needs to join us training to Run because he doesn’t like that the other kids at school are faster than him. He’s a smart and ambitious kid. He said, “I need speed! Who knows?! Maybe I could be like Usain Bolt one day!” I told him it was entirely possible but let’s work on stamina first. He’s a small kid and could very well become a great runner. I’m not sure that I (Treadmill Mom/Backyard Runner) am the most qualified coach but I’m who he has now and he seems satisfied.



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