Running metal, Plant Based sweatshirt and more….

“That voice in your head that says you can’t do this…is a liar.”

(in Virtual Strides card I received with my 5K metal today)

Low key but exciting day! I came in from a 3-mile run out in the cold but sunny yard to find some great things. But first about the run. Last night after dinner, my husband and I were discussing building up speed and he being a musician and knowing about metronomes was better acquainted with cadences and running beats per minutes. So I programmed one on my Seconds Pro app to warm up and cool down for 2:30 minutes and run 160 BPM for 25 minutes. Michael was right! I did log in more miles (according to both my phone and new Fitbit) in a shorter period of time than I normally do. Plus with paying attention to my breathing, that helped tremendously too. I also had another app going, the Audible listening to a book about the neuroscience of naturally thin women’s brains versus overweight and former overweight women’s brains and the neuroplasticity of the brain to change to the former (more about that in another post after I’ve read it all).

So after coming in, several packages arrived. My Engine 2 For Life Harvest Hustle 5K bib and metal for the 5K I did last week arrived! Love it! THEN, my sweatshirt “Eat Plants and Move Your Body, All Ya Gotta Do Is A Little More Than Ya Did Yesterday” that I ordered from arrived! (The mug had arrived the other day.) My daughter Nini looked at it and said it looks so small! (I ordered a size small.) I put it on and it fit perfectly. Then I went into our small home gym where Michael had just finished running. He was sweating buckets, hence the not too close and cozy pic. 😆

So my motto today is borrowed from Tim over at—Eat plants and move your body….






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