Christmas Run Prep

Nini and I put on our new Santa running hats and I wore my new turtle running tights for our run today. We ran 2.1 miles, gearing up for the 5K Toy Drive this Saturday. We couldn’t plan for more guides this time, much to the chagrin of Michael Sr. and Mika, so it’ll just be me and my running buddy Nini. Mika continues to do well with her treadmill runs and has gotten quite self motivated! And Michael Jr. wants to train now too so Michael Sr. gave him a feel for the treadmill. Thanks to the generosity of an awesome friend, the Bessons will be adding a new treadmill to go right next to this very old one. Everyone is excited as it should arrive and be assembled before Christmas! Now two of us can run side by side (perfect for when it starts snowing and we no longer will run in the yard).




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