Keep Calm: It’s Nalida’s Birthday :)

Keep Calm: It’s Nalida’s birthday! 🙂

I thank God for another year of life today!

This past weekend I was telling two of my sisters that I actually feel better in my late 40s than I felt in my 20s and 30s. Then I reflected, actually than I’ve ever felt since Kindergarten! Can you imagine. That is the last time I remember Running freely and feeling active. I started getting chubby and less active in elementary school. By middle school and High school I was overweight and then obese. I hated gym class and struggled through it. I never played sports. I felt tired and embarrassed a lot during activities. I only ran, belaboredly, to catch a bus. Now I’m RUNNING and moving because I can and want to, by God’s grace, and I feel great fueled by a Nutritarian Whole Food Plant Based diet and lifestyle! I’m on a wellness committee at work and in a few weeks am leading an indoor rock climbing group.

I had some moments of regrets since last week upon reflecting on my upcoming birthday. If only I would have started this journey to freedom earlier! No, it didn’t solve all my problems and challenges in life. But I’m better able to deal with them. I prayed to let go of regret and to just be thankful. I am so grateful! Yesterday I saw this plaque at one of my schools and it sums it up well:

“Live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Be fearless in the face of adversity. Never stop learning. Use your imagination whenever possible. Recognize the beauty that surrounds you. Remember where you came from, but never lose sight of where you are going.”




2 thoughts on “Keep Calm: It’s Nalida’s Birthday :)

  1. Happiest Birthday
    Own it , own
    All of it … it -( fear, regret ) will have no power , no room in your life. Pour in the joy , power from the Lord ~ For everything , there is a season

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