Pray, Run, and Fuel Healthily Through Rough Times—new challenges this week

I don’t have anything extraordinary to report this week. It has been a ROUGH week. My grandmother passed away at the grand age of 100 years and 3 months over a week ago and on Wednesday we had her funeral. I came from the funeral to the pediatrician’s office then the hospital emergency room with my oldest daughter who had swelling feet and legs and was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. They are not sure if it is related to any of her other disabilities or medical conditions and that will be a long term process to figure out but in the meantime we have several short-term, intermediate, and long-term treatments to consider. I’m grateful for some results like a normal kidney ultrasound, normal kidney function blood tests, and optimal blood pressure but as puzzled as the doctors as to why at her age nephritis is popping up with protein coming out her urine instead of staying in the blood as it should. I’m grateful that she is such a resilient child who has a spirit of joy that doesn’t diminish despite her many challenges. This girl had 8 eye surgeries in her first year of life and was the happiest baby I’ve ever known. She laughed so much that people in the hospital waiting rooms (where we spent a lot of time) would be surprised and say, “Is that the baby laughing so hard?!” And then we all would smile and it would lighten the atmosphere of the room. 20 years later she is still resilient laughing and joking with others even though she is uncomfortable and walking gingerly. She won’t be able to run in the BAA 5K with us next weekend but will be at her little brother’s training session one day next week to help him and the other young athletes with visual impairments to continue training.

So with all of these stresses and much more not shared here, I’m sure some have wondered whether I binged or ate something outside my healthy nutrient-rich, whole food plant based diet. The answer is No. Not because I’m a saint or a strong person. It’s because, by GOD’S grace, my mind–not just my body–has changed. My response to the stresses were more prayer, running and other exercises, and Continuing to fuel with healthful foods to continue to deal with everything. It’s a false narrative and advertising tricks by industries only interested in profits that eating junk, overeating on anything (healthy or not), and drinking will ease our distress. I remember driving from one appointment this week and reflecting on this and recalling how the sugar and junk food highs back in my obese days only led to more lows of depression and stress and low coping. I never want to go back there and I’m grateful to the Lord for showing me that. I’m grateful for those lessons.

Please keep Mika and our family in your prayers and positive thoughts with our newest challenges and the older ones too. Thank you to everyone already doing so and who have messaged and called.

Here are some pictures from our week.

P.S. I forgot to add that I had my physical this week too and my doctor was happily surprised that I have remained slim and healthy and that my blood work was great. She was surprised because she said this doesn’t usually happen.


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