I Got Smaller But The Problems in Life Didn’t Shrink.

I Got Smaller But The Problems in Life Didn’t Shrink.

In fact, sometimes, they get bigger. All parents will understand but parents of children with special needs will especially get this. There are times when life is overwhelming. Just when you get into a routine and feel somewhat balanced, you get a sickness, a new diagnosis, a new condition to manage along with everything else. I’m going to be real. This is a tough time for me and my family. But I keep praying through it. And I’m grateful that while a WFPB lifestyle didn’t solve all my problems in life, having built these habits have helped tremendously in continuing to eat the same and to move. Even when I miss some workouts, I don’t stress because I keep the constant factor of our nutrient-rich WFPB diet going, by God’s grace. This morning after losing a few hours of sleep and adapting to our new morning routine of additional care for my oldest, I did a run-walk with my younger daughter. Nini said she was happy to be out running in the yard again and when she said that I felt glad that I didn’t cancel the run because of feeling too tired and stressed. Sometimes resting more helps. Sometimes pushing forward helps more and is invigorating. Whatever you’re going through, hang on and don’t resort to bad habits like eating junk and not exercising to try to numb the pain. That was my old method and it never worked. It only made things worse. The newer habits actually help SO much more in coping with stress, believe me.




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