Caring for Our Kids with Healthy Eating and Living

Parents, read this link at the bottom please. Notice what her cousin answered when she asked her how she was able to lose all the weight as a child: Her mother didn’t have anything in the house for her to fail. When I started my health journey in 2013, I got rid of ALL the junk food and replaced with fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, fruit sweetened bars, etc. I thought, why should I strive for health yet let my kids suffer in poor health? Yes I can’t be with them 24/7, especially when they are in school and may have something besides what we packed for them, but they are more educated on nutrition now and more often than not make the healthier choice. Plus, over the years they realized they simply FEEL better without junk food. See my page Plant-Based, God’s Grace: Nalida’s Journey to Health and Fitness ( and do a search for “The healthy exchange program” we have for more information. You are NOT depriving your children of something good when you remove the junk. You ARE loving them to life with health-sustaining, life giving food! I’ve been there. Food addicts and junk food junkies often use the kids as excuses. We’ve lied to ourselves. I’m going to get the box of donuts and ice cream for the kids. The kids would love these new cookies and they deserve a treat. No. What our kids deserve is what we deserve and should strive for together as a family—a fit body to run and play without difficulty, healthy food to nourish their developing brains and bodies, and freedom from addictive food-like substances that damage their bodies and brains. Choose health promoting, life-giving food for yourself AND your children.

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