Got this from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority yesterday:

“Cease The Grease. Fats, cooking oils, and grease are not water-soluble. They coat household pipes and public sewer mains, causing nasty clogs. To dispose of household fats, oils, and grease, carefully pour them into an empty metal can. Let it cool, then throw it in the trash,”

If butter and oil is doing that to our household and sewer pipes, what do you think they are doing to our internal pipes? Watch a youtube video of surgeons pulling out these cholesterol laden fats out of heart arteries (I believe there is a clip of this too in the documentary Folks Over Knives) to find out. Eat WHOLE, unprocessed fats (nuts, seeds, avocados…) along with whole plant foods to avoid this clogging. Heart disease is no joke. My community is more affected by it (along with other chronic disease) than most others and we don’t have to suffer needlessly like this anymore. Our lives are worthy.

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