Keeping It Moving

Keeping It Moving!

First, Nini got her groove back. She got up, got dressed, and announced she was going to start running again. I went downstairs to check on her and heard her giggling while jogging.

Michael went to run practice with a great group of sighted guides from Achilles International Boston.

After starting a large pot of Bean stew and turning off the stove, I headed out to the yard and ran 40 minutes straight, slow and steady. I used metronome music and beats to help with my breath, cadence and steady pace increase like Michael suggested. It was awesome!

Michael came back from running practice when I was about 30 minutes in and encouraged me the rest of the way. Since I didn’t run all summer because of an injury, I’ve been a little nervous for next Saturday’s 5K downtown but Michael helped me in coming up with a plan to boost my performance by then.








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