Michael to Run 2019 Boston Marathon

I’m SO happy to announce that my incredible husband Michael Besson will be running the 2019 Boston Marathon with The Play Brigade Team! The Play Brigade, Inc. is an awesome organization that promotes and builds inclusive opportunities in play, recreation, and sports for people with disabilities to fully participate. Michael and our three children are all legally blind and our children have additional disabilities as well including autism and intellectual impairment. Our family and many many others have directly benefited from the work of The Play Brigade on including people of ALL abilities!

Please SHARE widely and often and please Contribute whatever you can to this great cause and to support Michael’s Boston Marathon run for them! Next Tuesday, November 27, 2018 is Giving Tuesday and John Hancock will match donations given then. November 27th also happens to be Michael’s birthday. Please consider giving a special donation on that day! Running Boston has been Michael’s dream for so long and we are so happy to see this dream come to fruition with such a great team! Thank you family and friends!

Go Michael!! 🏃🏽


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