Transformation Tuesday: Transforming Begins with Mindset First


Just as with a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, transformation does not happen overnight AND takes work. But that does not mean it is impossible. It IS possible. But as I’ve said before on my public Facebook page ( change begins with a change in mindset. We have to do THAT hard work first, and continuously to keep achieving our goals.


So, let’s be willing to do the hard work. Read the books, watch the documentaries, read the websites, watch the YouTube channels. Pray, seek counseling from a traditional or faith-based counselor to deal with past issues and trauma (do you know that many people who are addicted to food-like substances or other substances have experienced past trauma or pain?), eat whole food plant-based,  nutrient-rich foods, add movement and exercise to your life, sleep well, meditate, and offer and receive love for yourself, family and community.

Love,  Nalida

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