When You Want To Quit–10 More!!

When You Want To Quit–10 more!

Today was a tough run day. I first did my upper body strength training indoors with AC and a fan. Then I decided to go out and do 30 minutes straight running. It was so hot and I immediately felt fatigued within the first 10 minutes. That's when the excuses started playing in my mind. But with each excuse, by God's grace, I found a reason to counter it.

Excuse: There's no way you're going to make it. It's so hot, you just started and you're already tired. Just walk.
Reason: Nalida you can do at least 10 minutes. You've done 30 minutes straight before. Come on. Do at least 10 then you can walk or stop if it's too much. Don't stop at 2! So I went on until I got to 10 minutes….

Excuse: Okay, you did 10, stop now because your calves are already feeling a little tight and you're exhausted. You're already sweating like a pig. It's hot!
Reason: I did 10, I'll push to 20 minutes. That's doable. I'm already on the move and I'll probably feel better that I at least did 20 minutes straight….After 20…..

Excuse: Really it's hot! And you're doing fasted cardio. You're tired, hot, and you should probably eat before you pass out. Water isn't helping much here. Plus you have the doctor's appointment for your daughter.
Reason: I really want to make it to 30 minutes. I've done 30 straight before and I want to push myself. I have my water bottle and I'll make it. And 10 more minutes won't make me late for the appointment.

And here's the thing, by the time I finished 30 minutes straight, I stopped looking for Excuses NOT to continue running but started looking for Reasons TO run!

Reason to add 10 additional minutes to the original plan of 30 only: May as well go for 40 minutes straight. NOW I'm finally feeling that second wind. Plus, I'm Mika's guide for that 5K in November and that girl is fast. She finished the Boston Athletic Association 5K in 40:19 and that was with just a little bit of practice. So I ran 40 minutes straight. I'm not fast, but I ran.

So, the Lesson is to push a little more each time and look for reasons rather than excuses.

-Starting to get used to eating veggies and want to stop, just 10 more bites.
-Starting the whole food plant based lifestyle and want to quit, 10 more days.
-Starting to walk and work out (with Dr supervision if serious health issues), 10 more steps, 10 more kicks, 10 more lifts, 10 more minutes.
By the time you do 10 more, you'll be more used to it, feeling better, feeling stronger, that chances are you'll do more!

Psychologists and neuroscientists say we build up mental strength this way and that then helps us in future situations to be more successful.

So remember, when you want to give up–10 more!!


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