Big Changes, Big Results

First pic: August 2013, One month into my health journey. Second pic: September 15, 2017, on our 22nd Anniversary and about 4 months into Michael really owning his own journey. I’m so grateful to the Lord for so much!

Michael’s blood pressure was 185/100+ in the beginning of July 2017 even though he had recently gotten serious and started losing weight. He was prescribed 1/2 blood pressure pill daily. But Michael went 100% WFPB SOS-Free and finally cut out all the seafood. 100%! He didn’t fuss or complained. Just ate all the yummy bean stews, veggies, sweet potatoes, salads, fruits, seeds/nuts, all his G-BOMBS, Joel Fuhrman, M.D.’s term for greens, beans, mushrooms, onions, berries, seeds –with zero sugar, oil, or salt.

As I’ve said before, small changes yield small results. Big changes yield big results. Michael had to decrease his medication to 1/4 pill per day to every other day because his BP was getting so low. He hasn’t been on BP meds since August 27 and his BP has been normal. His blood pressure readings and heart rate for the last 12 days WithOUT medication:

115/79, 56

106/76, 61

101/75, 62

108/80, 56

111/82, 60

103/78, 53

118/81, 55

115/82, 54

113/78, 66

117/72, 71

106/81, 59

110/81, 50



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