How Fast Convenient Food Is Killing Us

Don’t get it twisted. There are several big companies making a ton of money off selling all this hyper-palatable food that is making us and our children fat and sick. As a matter of fact, it’s making the owners fat and sick too because they get addicted from the junk too but they can afford more care which might extend their lives a fraction more and they will be able to leave a large inheritance for their heirs. Let’s ask ourselves, why do companies pay scientists to add chemicals, sugar, oil, and salt (see the books The Pleasure Trap by Drs. Lisle and Goldhammer and The End Of Over Eating by Dr. Kessler) to make our brains go crazy and want more of what is killing us!! I hate going to the supermarket now because I hate seeing all these packaged frankenfoods killing us! It makes me sad. That’s why I do mostly online grocery delivery shopping but sometimes I still have to go in. Addiction to these food substances has become so rampant that people are walking around sick, leaning hard on carriages like zombies just adding more junk in the carriage to make them sicker because they are so addicted to these hyper-palatable “foods” and don’t know that if they abstain from it that in 6 weeks, the brain WILL begin to adapt and it will get easier. It really will! I’ve lived it. Give your brain and your body a chance to heal and LIVE! Don’t let these companies profit from your addiction and ill health. Please, please, watch Food, Inc. and Forks Over Knives (both on Netflix) and start LIVING. It’s worth it. I promise. Your life and your family’s lives are worth it.

I would say I’m sorry for this rant but I’m not. If it pushes one person to action then it will be worth it for those who get mad whom I don’t blame because it’s their addictive brain speaking. I’ve been there and, by God’s grace, will never go back.

“She gestured to a home along her route and shook her head, recalling how its patriarch, a morbidly obese man, died the previous week. “He ate a piece of cake and died in his sleep,” she said.

Mrs. da Silva, who herself weighs more than 200 pounds, recently discovered that she had high blood pressure, a condition she acknowledges is probably tied to her weakness for fried chicken and the Coca-Cola she drinks with every meal, breakfast included.”

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