Food Addiction and Food As An Idol—Short Book review/excerpts

Breaking The Stronghold Of Food

By Rev. and Mrs. Michael and Nancy Brown who both released weight following Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Whole Food Plant Based diet and lifestyle and are now healthier and better able to fulfill the missions that God has set for them.

So far it is a great read and I can really relate! I also liked Made To Crave by Lynda Terkhurst as I felt it covered some of these issues of food sadly being an idol sometimes and how we should remember that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. But the Browns’ book takes it even higher in this discussion as well as giving people an answer to fight these deadly cravings by following a research proven, practical way to beat food addiction, reach an ideal weight, and obtain optimal health.

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“ARE WE “DIGGING our own graves with forks and knives,” as a leading doctor claims?1 A new study “reveals that obesity is linked to very high rates of chronic illnesses— higher than living in poverty, and much higher than smoking or drinking.”2 Have we adequately considered the health risks of obesity, not to mention the spiritual side of obesity?”

“I do not want to lay a guilt trip on anyone, and if you are overweight or aware that your diet is unhealthy, you probably feel bad enough already. So the last thing I want to do is make you feel even worse. Instead, I want to talk with you heart-to-heart, encouraging you to consider whether there might be a serious spiritual dimension to unhealthy eating.”

“Do you have food addictions? If so, what are they? Confess them to the Lord as sinful and destructive.”

Excerpts From

Breaking the Stronghold of Food

Michael L. Brown

This material may be protected by copyright.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is doctor referred to.

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