Can you do a marathon or ultra-marathon in a week? Yes! And for a good cause

Can you run and walk almost two marathons per week? How about one? How about a 5K? I ran and walked over 44 miles in a week (and that’s just what the app recorded when I had my phone on me and when it detected the movement well which it does not always detect 100%). I forgot to turn it off for a few days then decided to wait and see what the week would bring. I’m so grateful to feel well eating a whole food plant based diet and to be able to run, walk, and lift no matter how slow a runner I may be (I’m a fast walker though 🙂.)

Charity Miles is a free app. You can turn it on when you work out then again throughout your day then press “finish” and a company sponsoring your movement donates to a charity of your choice. For me, it’s Special Olympics for athletes with disabilities. It costs me nothing and I workout and move throughout the day anyway so why not do this too? It’s a win-win!

Oh—and I earned the Marathon Badge. 🙂






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