Choose Health

Look, I’m always happy for that guy/gal featured in some news article or TV news who smoked a pack a day, drank hard liquor, ate candy bars, and STILL lived to 103 despite trashing his/her body for so long. These very small percentage of people have great genes going for them. Judging by how I was feeling in the picture below years ago, I don’t have those superb genes. And guess what, judging by the fact that about 70% of Americans (and the rest of the world is catching up fast) are overweight and obese, many dying painful deaths from heart disease, suffering needlessly from other lifestyle diseases such as type two diabetes, high blood pressure, etc…..


Neither are billions of people.

*So instead of using the outliers as Excuses for how it doesn’t matter what we eat so that we can continue to feed the processed, unhealthy food addiction, realize we have a CHOICE to choose a health promoting ,whole food plant based diet and lifestyle.

*And instead of using the excuse of “well everyone is saying something different” to continue eating crap, realize that we have the Freedom to research and CHOOSE to change.

*And instead of using as an excuse “well, there are so many different Plant Based diets, I don’t know which is better, CHOOSE One! When asked, I now tell people the answer is “the one you’ll stick with.” Commit. Once you commit, you’ll want to learn more and will adjust to what works well for your body. Don’t let indecision make you get stuck.

And for the naysayers, I’m well aware that we don’t live forever—at least not on this earth. But I always say, I definitely don’t want to be the cause of my own demise and trash my body—The Temple of the Holy Spirit—with junk until it gives out in a horrible, painful way.

Commit. Make a decision. Let’s not allow food and drink to become our gods. We thankfully have more information on health and access to quality foods now more than ever. A candy bar is a dollar. The fast food dollar menu is a dollar. But so is the frozen bag of broccoli and green beans I get from Stop and Shop market. Now is the time.

Rant over.




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