Eating Air?? No, Breathe Air—Live Life

I know that video about making a gluten free, dairy free, healthy vegan dessert (and it’s nothing but air the whole way) is supposed to be a joke. But guess what, our health is NOT a joke. The fact that most heart attacks and strokes and deaths from them happen between Thanksgiving and New Years is NO joke. The fact that we’re getting fatter and sicker from preventable lifestyle diseases is NO joke and the fact that we’ve lost too many friends and family from those diseases because of our obsession and addiction to all this processed food-like substances is NO joke! So here’s my response to it:

I was a junk food vegetarian for my whole life but over four years ago went whole food plant based vegan. Released pain, sickness and over 100 pounds. Went from a size 24 to 6. Gained health, strength, gratitude, and self published a short book on my journey where I include this recipe in the picture below for a sugar-free (fruit sweetened), gluten free (ground oatmeal), dairy-free, oil-free, salt-free cake recipe that I developed for special occasions and which even my meat-loving friends know isn’t close to tasting like air. But besides that, nothing tastes as good as healthy—real foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, yams, seeds, nuts and Not plantation foods and fake foods that we’ve been killing ourselves with.

So I don’t eat air. But it feels great to be able to BREATHE air well while I’m running and moving and able to do SO much more by God’s Grace.




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