Harvest Hustle 5K Done!

Engine2’s Harvest Hustle 5K to benefit the Whole Kids Foundation done! In my backyard! I was sore from my full body weight lifting yesterday, including 100 squats with dumbbells but I’m grateful to be able to 🏃🏾‍♀️ run! Michael was like, wait, you’re going to do a 5K NOW, in the Yard?! Lol. It was well past 11 AM and I wasn’t even dressed yet since we hosted Thanksgiving family potluck at our house and I was up way past midnight cleaning up. I was going to do a shorter run but after seeing Rip Esselstyn’s video on this run I decided to run for a cause (besides my physical, mental, and spiritual health).

Hey, you can run/walk and sign up to do this too here:

https://www.virtualstrides.com/product/harvest-hustle/Harvest Hustle 5k





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