#Backyardrunners = #MarathonRunners? Time will tell, by God’s grace.

#Backyardrunners = #MarathonRunners? Time will tell, by God’s grace.

I’m proud of my older daughter Mika for stepping up her game! A few weeks before the Best Buddies 5K she finally realized what we had been discussing since the summer: If you don’t train consistently, you won’t perform at your best. So she started to get more consistent. But she wasn’t satisfied with her run because she knows she’s done better when trained. So since then she has been even more consistent and even started on a strength training routine. She’s also motivated by our good friend who was her guide at the last 5K (thanks Ms. Heather!) who is an awesome runner. Running with Heather was great for Mika for a lot of reasons. Mika has a great respect for her as a caring person and as a runner. Also, Mika felt protected. She (and the rest of us) didn’t anticipate the rough, potholed streets, in some areas as well as the allowed car traffic so she was happy Heather was there and made her feel safe. Mika also realized that she may use a tether the next time like her sister and Dad did (or have it handy just in case) because of all those possible unknown variables in a race. Lots of lessons learned.

The other night before and during dinner we were all discussing possibly doing a half marathon 😮 next year (2018) in preparation for a full marathon the year after (2019). The logistics for next year I realize are daunting (fees are one thing but there is training and the time for it in my incredibly busy, responsibility-filled life, guides for safety most importantly, etc.) so I’m still not sure…. But I’m praying on it and looking into it. Last Sunday I was on my knees in church and praying and saying to the Lord, “I still feel like my body is broken, not 100% there, much better but still some residual hip pain sometimes and I’m not sure….” Then the verse came right into my head, “This is my body, broken for you.” I don’t know exactly what it means for me but it stunned me in my prayers and I’m still praying and discerning.

Friends, it’s never too late to become consistent in your healthy eating and movement. Whether you’re running or walking on a treadmill, running in your backyard, or moving your body in some other way, consistency counts. And consistently eating fruits and vegetables as well as other healthy plant foods fuels your body well for that movement!



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