Breathing Right to Run Longer and Better

There was one day this week that Nini and I ran INDOORS! It was freezing outside that day so we opted to stay in. It was Tuesday. I ran in the morning and Nini ran after school on the treadmill. I did 30 minutes but she did a whopping 40. But today we were back outside. It was really cold again and I started coughing but I remembered what a friend had said about proper breathing for fatigue and apparently it works well for keeping the lungs warm too (thanks Tim)! Breathing in through my nose deeply then out through my mouth helped tremendously. Nini had wanted to do 20 straight running before walking and today was the easiest for the both of us and I credit the proper breathing. Who knew?! I always tell my students that a good teacher is a good student.

Also, after work I added 30 minutes strength training. I normally don’t have time after work to exercise but my husband gave the idea of besides the weekend for lifting adding Thursday afternoons for weight lifting and having it be “make your own dinner day” for everyone so that I could have the time to do this. So they’re working together in the upstairs kitchen to do that and now after lifting, I’m downstairs doing a quick stir fry that will go on top of spinach with 1/2 of a baked sweet potato. Now everyone is saying my food smells great. Lol. But I promised them the banana nice cream for dessert so that pacified them a bit. 🙂





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