Blizzard Workout!

Needless to say, there’ll be no backyard running for quite some time. 😞 But I am grateful for the treadmills at home and indoor running. 🙂 We’re still under a blizzard, snow emergency and flooding in some areas. My husband, rightfully, didn’t want me to go out shoveling because of my past lower lumbar spine herniated disc. But I didn’t want him doing it all so I went out for a while anyway and didn’t overdo it (too much 😳). Helped make a passageway up front for walking, went in the back to clear the deck a little and couldn’t do much more because the snow is just too heavy. Shoveling is a heavy workout! And Michael is still out there working while I’m monitoring and having him take breaks inside periodically. The driveway will not be completely done tonight.





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