Lose Toxic Shame, Lose The Weight for Good

Lose Toxic Shame, Lose The Weight for Good

Halfway through my major weight loss (one year in) I realized by God’s grace and prompting that I would not finally sustain the weight loss on the outside if I didn’t deal with the past pain and trauma on the inside. And that’s why I always recommend to people to not ignore that part. There is no shame in it. Research shows that most people who are overweight or obese have suffered from some past abuse or trauma. Many of us held on to toxic shame that didn’t belong to us. And many don’t realize how absolutely freeing it is to be able to let that go! Then that outside weight can go successfully and sustainably too.

And I’m going to touch another elephant in the room: While not exclusively an issue for people of color, there is a stigma still attached to it for black people to get therapy. Yes, I’m going there because it’s true and has been researched and debated. For ALL of us human beings, there is NO shame in getting the help we need to finally heal from all this unnecessary pain and toxic shame and improve our lives! A faith-based counselor who also is trained in EMDR therapy/counseling can be a great addition to weight loss, health, and wellness goals. There is no shame in that game. Break out of that prison. God wants better for us.


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