Begin Today and Keep It Going

Begin Today and Keep It Going

What if I had made that commitment to educate myself on health, build good habits, not give up even when I temporarily failed, and just kept going? What if I had done it in 1992? 2011 instead of waiting to feel so sick in 2013?

What I wish I knew now was that I could have just Begun and didn’t have to wait to begin releasing over 120 pounds and poor health. It feels SO good on this side of the health equation that I thank God I finally DID begin and am staying on this journey, by His grace.

If you’re waiting, why? I invite you to begin. It’s not as daunting as you think and there are so many good resources and people to help you along the way. You will build good habits and this lifestyle will quickly become part of your routine and life. Just begin.




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