Positive VS. Negative Thinking

Positive VS. Negative Thinking:

Please increase the positive!

Please stop the Negative!

If you have a problem with negativity OR you want to improve on your positivity, please, please Read this article then apply it! It will inspire you to change. Negative thinking (toward yourself and others) can actually cause PHYSICAL changes as can positive thinking. Guess which thinking can lead to which result? There’s a reason why the placebo effect can cause 33% cures and why people actively prayed for have been shown to improve more often than those not prayed for even when each group had no idea what was going on.


After reading this article a few weeks ago, I was moved to REALLY continue to work on increasing my positive thoughts about myself and others and working on stopping my negative thoughts about myself others and I’ve even seen some positive physical changes as a result. How many times do we lack compassion and even self-compassion? How often do we belittle ourselves? My hips are still too big, I have some flab left on my abs, look at the loose skin on my thighs, it doesn’t matter if I’m a small size, I’m still not toned enough, etc.

STOP! How about my hips look good, are strong, and have done a great job supporting my body even when I didn’t know better and abused food; My abs helped to carry my children and are so much more strong now; I look good and I’m getting stronger and more toned every day of this lifelong journey of health, fitness and wellness and I thank God for that! We are children of God. We are good. We are worthy! Amen?!




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