PI Day—3.14 Virtual Race

PI Day—3.14 Virtual Race

My running buddy today was my son Michael Jr. So far this year I’ve done a virtual 18.5 mile Cinderella long run (in several days—not in one day 🙂) with my older daughter Mika, and a Valentines 2.14 run with younger daughter Nini except we ran 3.1 miles because we’re so used to 5Ks that we didn’t pay attention that it was a VALENTINES run (2/14 🙂). I looked for a race to do with my son and found this perfect one—PI Day 3.14 miles from US Road Running! Michael LOVES math and science and is a future scientist. We did a slow but steady run and sweated on our side by side treadmills on this snow day. Great job Mikey! Now he’s going to try to memorize the PI number on his metal. 🙂


#ScientificRunner (he chose his own hashtag 😉)


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