An Ordinary Day is an Extraordinary Day

I always say that there are enough challenges in life and that I’ll just take an ordinary day. And an ordinary day is a blessing and thus becomes an extraordinary day!

After our morning routines of care and then doing day 5 of a plank challenge, my younger daughter Nini and I went to meet up with the new neighborhood women’s walking group we joined. My sister Yonette joined us today which made it extra special and I also got to walk and chat with and get to know better some extraordinary women in the neighborhood.

Afterwards, we walked back home where I started two pounds of beans in the pressure cooker before the family walked to our new neighborhood juice cafe nearby.

Because of a busy weekend which includes church of course and adapted swimming lessons for my kids (yay!) for the next month and a half, I made today bulk soup/stew making day and used the beans to add to the stew in the 5 gallon soup pot. I kept to the simple but yummy recipe in my book ( ). Now I have lunches and a breakfast of dinner of soups for next week and my husband and kids have some for a few meals too. Oh, and I also tested my new pressure cooker! (One of my IP pressure cookers gave out after two years because of a faulty pressure sensor and the Instant Pot company sent me a brand new one!)

In all these activities, per my Fitbit, I exceeded 10,000 steps. It’s no extraordinary athletic feat but I’m just grateful to have the strength and stamina to DO all these ordinary things. You don’t have to be a super athlete. It’s fine and a blessing to be an active wife and mom keeping prayer to nourish the soul, plants to nourish the body, and movement to heal the body and mind.




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