How to get at least 6 servings of vegetables and fruits in ONE meal

How to get at least 6 servings of vegetables and fruits in ONE meal.

Many of us who are whole food plant based/plant-rich eat more than 6 servings of fiber and nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables per day. And to get the disease-fighting benefits of fruits and vegetables, we need more than 6 per day. This chart shows just how easy it is to get 6 servings in ONE meal. For example, 12 raw baby carrots, 1 bell pepper sliced, and 2 big plums is 6 servings. One bag 16 oz frozen cauliflower or broccoli cooked is about 5 servings (and it shrinks when cooked) plus 1 small orange is 6 servings.

Last night, my dinner was over 12 servings—5 cups Spring mix salad chopped, 1 bag (5 servings) frozen vegetable stir fry from Whole Foods dry sautéed, 2 servings of baby carrots with a spoon of Engine 2 roasted red pepper hummus, a cup of bean-veggie stew, 1/2 T chopped pecans, and 1/2 cup of frozen cherries.

It’s doable, especially when you look at the servings of this chart! 👍🏼


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