What do you have to lose–or gain?

I posted these words and pictures two years ago today on my public Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/plantbasedgodsgrace. I’m grateful for this nutrient-rich, whole food plant based lifestyle that have allowed me to maintain my health gains and weight loss without medication since I began my journey in 2013! I had nothing to lose when I started–eating a lot more delicious fruits, vegetables, and beans certainly couldn’t hurt. And if it was good enough for Adam and Eve, it was good enough for me.

What do you have to lose–or gain? What’s your why? Do you want to be able to live well and pursue your God-given vocations and the ministries He has set in your heart to pursue? Is your poor health stopping you due to a nutrient-poor diet of processed foods and junk foods? Why not just start today? Don’t put it off. Don’t wait on working to improve your health. Start today on this lifelong journey. You are worth it and so is your family and community. Do it for yourself and them.

– – – – – –

My son had his 9th birthday party today. After my older daughter took this picture of me and the birthday boy, I thought back to the year I started my health journey and how my son inspired me to change and live healthy. After coming back from vacation in July 2013 (first picture) I was so sick and everywhere on and in my body hurt. I was so afraid and when I looked into my son’s sweet face, I knew I wanted to live as long as I could without causing my own demise so that I could be there for my son, daughters, and husband for as long as God permitted me. He inspired me to “eat to live” and pick up Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book of that name and follow it. Each year I have steadily improved and continue to stay on this journey, by God’s grace. Today at the bowling place I thought, I feel so great!! I’m so grateful.


This one was in April 2018. I’m the same size but Michael Jr. is taller. 🙂

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