His grace is sufficient

His grace is sufficient.

My 36-minute straight slower/faster interval run was fueled by the SecsPro metronomed workout app I’d pre-programmed last night and this book I’d also downloaded last night—“Running Like a Girl” To channel my younger self WAY back who loved to run before weight crept up in upper elementary school and I didn’t want to move anymore. I knew I was challenging myself but afterwards I was glad that I had.

I’m going to keep it real. My life is not glamorous days. I got up extra early for work because my husband and I have three children. They have special needs and require more assistance getting ready in the morning. My husband started getting breakfast ready for the Kids and getting them up to get ready for school. I went outside to run. Michael will run after getting everyone on the school bus.

After the run 🏃🏿‍♀️I grabbed the box of urinalysis strips to quickly test one of my kids who has a kidney disorder (thankfully the results were negative this morning) and will shower while she eats so that I can give her a smaller measured dose of medication because the tapered dose is getting too small to pre-measure and leave for my husband to pour out and still keep the same dose for her (he is blind so I measure the dosages). Then I’m off to work with the food I prepped last night that I’ll quickly put in my breakfast-lunch bag.

I’m saying all this to say that I had it in my to do this always by God’s grace, even though it’s not easy, but I didn’t. I say all this to say, it’s not impossible even when things get crazier. It’s been over five years since this lifestyle change and it is a good habit now. God’s grace is sufficient and by his grace I’m going to continue to do my best to properly care for this body, this temple of the Holy Spirit.




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