Are you ready for change?

I encourage you to do this 90 Day Spiritual Journey Toward food freedom. Do it by yourself and keep a journal. Let go and let God. Lean into His strength. You won’t regret it.

“Why do you still hesitate? Because of the addiction! Even though you want to be free from the pain, the weight, and the insanity, you really don’t want to live without the comfort food brings from stress and anxiety. Food gives you something, and though it comes with grave consequences, you like the pleasure of a good binge. The excess food is there for a reason . . .

My friend, now that you understand how Jesus has personally invited you into divine healing, you may ask: “Am I really ready for this?”

“Freedom Reflection

Spend some time today prayerfully considering these questions: Are you ready to invite Jesus to participate in your journey from addiction to freedom? What does your food addiction give you that you cannot let go of? Why might you want to keep it around? Imagine life without your addiction, then imagine all of the obstacles in the way of that life. Spend some time in prayer over each item on that list.”

Excerpt From


Dr. Rhona Epstein

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