New Year, New You?

Since late Fall, I’ve personally been focusing on the spiritual work related to food addiction. The free app by Barb Raveling is very helpful. It’s called “I Deserve a Donut and Other Lies That Make You Eat.” Her other Bible study books about overeating and food addiction are also great. I recently started a 90 Day devotional to food freedom by Dr. Rhona Epstein to be completed on my birthday, March 21st. It is a Game Changer!! I really want to dig deep and embrace truth. I don’t want ANY food to be a stronghold—even an apple. I don’t want any lies or excuses for myself and overeating on “compliant” food because even IF I didn’t gain an ounce doing it (but we know certain healthy foods can still make us gain), that still shows a disordered relationship with food and food being a stronghold.

It’s more than just being slim or thin or staying my current size 6 for me. It’s a spiritual battle to be won with God’s strength helping me and by His grace. That’s where I am, humbly learning more, making deeper commitments, and hopefully getting in better spiritual as well as physical and mental shape.

I’ve had a very challenging and depressing year with an additional chronic illness for one of my kids who already has significant disabilities. So I’m grateful to still be here and leaning on God’s strength now instead of trying to still rely on my own and failing. Everything feels “lighter” and calmer even amidst the challenges life throws my way daily so my goal is to keep moving in that direction. New year, new spiritual you to finally change the mental and physical you to your best and fullest potential by God’s grace. That’s the new year, new you *I* want!

2 thoughts on “New Year, New You?

  1. I’m excited to get the books, they’ve been shipped! I have to learn to FROG (fully rely on God). I did well when my husband was sick but I find myself relying on myself. Ha! This year I hope to depend on Him as I should to get myself spiritually, physically, mentally and financially healthy.


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