Michael’s Fundraisers for The Play Brigade

Michael’s Fundraisers for The Play Brigade

My husband, Michael, is blind, and he is raising money to run the Boston Marathon in 2019 for inclusion of kids with disabilities in play, recreation and sports for The Play Brigade. All profits will go towards Michael’s goal. Please share and support as much as you can. Thank you!

Michael’s Play Brigade Fundraiser page. An organization that empowers with inclusion.


Play Brigade Info: https://www.playbrigade.com

Braille Run 🏃🏽 🏃🏿‍♀️ T-shirts! Available for a limited time.

Get your braille/print “run” unisex t-shirt in various colors. All profits will go to Michael Besson’s Boston Marathon Run for The Play Brigade, supporting inclusion.

Please share with your networks to support The Play Brigade. Thank you!

Kids’ tees: https://teespring.com/run-in-braille-kids#pid=371&cid=6547&sid=front

Adult Tees: https://teespring.com/new-run-in-braille#pid=2&cid=2123&sid=front

Nalida’s Etsy Shop for braille “run” Jewelry


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