Excuses Get Us Nowhere Fast

“I can’t afford vegetables.”

“Fruit is too expensive.”

“I can’t afford a plant based cookbook.”

“I can’t afford one of those how-to-go-plant-based guides/books that cost .99 cents to $20.”

[But I can spend way more than $20 on junk food DAILY or WEEKLY.]

Until we stop lying to ourselves and stop the excuses, we will get nowhere fast. It isn’t impossible and just because it can be challenging at times does not mean it isn’t doable. Anything with great results such as adopting a whole food plant based diet and lifestyle is WORTH it.

I did this exercise once, writing down a sample day as a junk food vegetarian when I used to make all these pathetic excuses. Then I thought about the money I had spent on those days I did those takeouts! It costed me WAY MORE MONEY 💵 than investing in myself and in Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat To Live book years ago.

Looking at how many typical calories I consumed as (vegetarian) junk food addict with all these fake food-like substances and junk food that just acted like a numbing drug to get me through each day:

Cap’N crunch (108 for 3/4 cups*4)=432

2 cups soy milk=262

10 Oreos (45×10)=450

2 bags Fritos (200×2)=400

1 Dunkins cinnamon roll: 510

2 chocolate glazed donut: 280×2=560

2 slices of cheese pizza 285×2=570

2 cups apple juice 113*2=226

Vegetable fried rice: (333 calories per cup x4 cups)=2182


Total 5,592 calories

P.S. You don’t need a cookbook and there are tons of free resources on the internet and YouTube if you are willing to stop the short cuts and invest in yourself.

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